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Lijia company was officially registered in 2002 and has been focusing on the R & D and production of industrial sewing machines. With the continuous development and scale expansion of the company's business, the company expanded the plant area to 50000 square meters in 2008, promoting and supporting the further production and development of the company's industrial sewing machine industry.
The company is a set of sewing machines, casing processing, painting, special parts processing and assembly of all automation without a region of modern companies. The company also imported first-class production and inspection equipment from abroad. It mainly produces more than 80 kinds of industrial sewing machines, including high-speed electronic zigzag sewing machine series, high-speed zigzag sewing machine series, four needle six thread sewing machine series, ultra-high-speed overlock sewing machine series, special tension sewing machine series, computer high-speed flat sewing machine series and special machine. The products are sold to more than 30 countries and regions, and have won the national sewing machine industry quality award for many times.
Lijia company takes "high starting point, high quality, characteristic and specialization" as its development policy, and "meticulous, excellence, perfection and unlimited challenges" as its quality policy.

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